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Hi, I'm Shanley.

Welcome to my personal portfolio website! I’m a third-year student at Saint Mary’s University in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, doing dual degrees in commerce and psychology.  I mainly do web and graphic design, but also dabble in copywriting, branding, and system design.  

Some random things about me:

  •  In 2013, I tried to walk across Canada; it’s a lot further than it looks on a map.
  • I have a Carpentry Techniques certificate from Fleming College, a Primary Care Paramedic certificate from the Justice Institute of BC, and am back in school – I kinda love learning.
  • Baking and me do not mix (har har) but I make awesome vegan Nanaimo bars.
  • I love office supplies and impulsively bought a coil binding machine off Kijiji; it didn’t take as long as I expected to coil bind every loose paper in my house.